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My name is Gail Casalini. I love Feng Shui and everything that it has brought to my life. With many years of study, daily meditation and self cultivation I have learned how to look at the world in a different light. I have developed an awareness and appreciation of nature and its interaction with the built environment. I believe that we are all products of our environment and that we have the ability to create spaces that nurture and support us with even a few small changes. 

I am a Certified Feng Shui Consultant from The New York Institute of Art and Design in NYC with a degree in Interior Design/Space Planning from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and continuing studies with Katherine Metz.  I am a Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild http:ifsguild.org

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Penny Lane

“Find a penny, pick it up. All the day, you’ll have good luck.”

Nothing could be more true for me. Penny has been the light of my life and my true companion. I was in love the minute I saw her.  She was a rescue pup and at only 14 weeks old had been in 4 foster homes. The first time I saw her she came bounding out of the car and ran right over to me where I was waiting with open arms.  It was love at first sight!

In spite of the challenges she faced at such a young age with some me health issues, and of not having a furever home, Penny was and is so full of life. She has a joyful spirit and touches the lives of eveeryone she meets.

She has golden yellow eyes and copper color fur just like a penny. Everyone in the neighborhood knows her and loves her.  She is always smiling and people comment on that all the time. There's hardly a time when I walk her in the park that someone doesn't call out and say "Hi Penny".  She is definitely my lucky penny.

I found this article on the origin of the saying.

Finding spare change or an extra dollar in  your pocket always feels like a victory, but even finding something  worth as little as a penny is satisfying. Without thinking, you might  hear the familiar rhyme in your head when you spot one on the sidewalk:
According to one theory, people originally thought pennies would  bring good luck because of religious beliefs. Folklore from ancient  civilizations said metals—like copper—were gifts from gods intended to protect people from evil. This theory also fueled other superstitions like charm bracelets and metal horseshoes, which are also  “lucky.” Plus, metal currency like pennies were linked to more wealth  and thus more luck.
Another reason people might have claimed pennies would bring good luck comes down to the battle between good and evil which is like two sides of the coin. Finding a penny heads up meant  you’d have luck on your side, but tails up would mean the opposite,  although the exact reasoning for this is unknown. Some people say that  if you find a penny tails up, you should flip it over to make it heads up so that it can bring luck to whoever finds it next.
No matter the reasoning, pennies are part of many lucky traditions. The Irish half-penny, which stopped circulating is especially lucky to anyone who finds the rare coin. Then there’s  also the old saying that brides might recognize: “Something old,  something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a penny in the  shoe.” These are all things brides should wear on their wedding day for  good luck in their marriage; that lucky penny—or a silver sixpence, as  the original rhyme said—would bring prosperity to the couple.
Emily DiNuzzo  Reader's Digest