WHAT is FENG SHUI and how does it work

Feng Shui (Fung Shway) translates as "Wind and Water"  which are essential life force energies. Wind is invisible, it's the air, the breath of life and water is visible, the liquid, it's fluid,  the flow of life. Both of these life force energies are needed in order to survive. Both move and circulate everywhere. Combined they determine the climate, which determines the food supply, which effects peoples lifestyle, health, energy and emotional state of mind. The essence of these energies is called chi. 



chi yin and yang fire earth metal water wood

how does it work?


Chi is an invisible energy that animates all living things.  It flows through our bodies, our homes, the earth, atmosphere and cosmos.  The flow of chi effects every aspect of our lives.  It effects out health, emotions, our outlook and how we interact. The flow of chi is also influenced by the interior and exterior elements that surround us.  Colors, shapes, sounds, size, location and positioning of these elements determine the energy flow of our homes and have a huge influence on our lives and well-being. 

We can encourage positive chi in our homes which in turn will effect our personal chi in a positive way. To begin we must remove obstacles that prevent chi from flowing freely. There needs to be clear pathways as one enters the home so that the chi can enter and energize all of the areas of our living spaces. We can encourage chi to flow by the thoughtful placements of furnishings such as smooth surfaces, good lighting, and appropriate color choices to name a few. Chi is personal and travels with each of us.


Finding balance for each of us brings a sense of balance and well-being to our lives.  Yin and Yang are two opposing yet complimentary forces found in all things.  Yin is passive, dark, inward and Yang is active,bright, outward. One can not exist without the other. For example we can not have dark without light, or big without small, hard without soft, or receptive without reflective. However, nothing is totally yin or totally yang. Each carries the color of its opposite within itself which symbolizes the seed for potential change. The goal is to find the right balance.


By incorporating the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood we can create that balance.